A Tour of Ouargala and the Ancient City

20 German Organic food Buyers and Sellers

arrived on the 29th of October. For four days of exploration and education of Algeria and it's world famous Deglet Nour Dates. As potential clients, we showed them everything Algeria had to offer from Food, Music, the sights and obviously more food. This trip wasn't all fun, It was mainly a showcase of the Farms and most importantly the production process of the Date Fruits.

The potential growth and how the product is handled from Farm to packaging was of the utmost importance for them to know as organic food sellers. I documented their trip as they learned about the land soil and irrigation process along with pollination and maintenance.

By the end of their trip they loved every minute of it, with song and dance that we all shared with each other on the long bus rides between cities. These were experiences that will last a life time.

For me, it was Two days and 3 planes of traveling from LA to arrive in this majestic Gate of the Sahara. It was a long journey that became one of my favorite experiences, even though I spent 10 days in the desert with no lotion, it was worth it. I documented their trip and below is day one of their tour.

Here is the visual journey:

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