Alya extra virgin olive oil is extracted from finely selected olives from the best groves of the coastal, the center and the northern regions of Tunisia. Once picked, the olives are rapidly pressed to preserve their unique flavor and aroma yielding consistently smooth and fruity high-quality oil.


Available in : 1 Liter dark glass  bottle 


Tunisia has a long and rich history in making olive oil. Since the 8th century BC, Tunisians have had a strong relationship and pride with their olive oil. Tunisia is the largest olive oil producer outside the European Union and comes fourth in the world following Spain, Italy and Greece. It produces 5% of the world production and 25% of the internationally exchanged quantity. Many varieties of olives grown throughout the country lend Tunisian olive oil its unique flavor.



Besides being a blend of the best olives from three regions in Tunisia, Alya Olive Oil benefits from distinctive flavors and qualities specific to each region. From the coastal region, known for its Chemlali olives, Alya Olive Oil gets its distinctive smoothness. The center of Tunisia, with its Ouslati olives, gives Alya Olive Oil its stability and a longer viability to its anti-oxidants. Finally the  northern region with its Chetoui olives gives it a unique fruitiness and peppery flavor.